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Is it ICT?
Oh yes, it is!

This is Knowla. A multimedia, interactive ICT teaching tool for schools and kindergartens. Educational entertainment that will turn any activity into an exciting game. Knowla pushes boredom away!

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Now this is something out of this world!
11 thematic planets
100+ apps
500+ activities
600+ hours of educational fun
2 devices

Knowla Box

with EPSON EB-725Wi projector and accessories

Knowla Wall

with Epson EB-720 projector and accessories
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The greatest talent of educational technology

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Methodologists had fun designing it.

Educators, methodologists, didactics, enthusiasts of new trends and technologies in education. Meet the experts of the Knowla Program Board, who continuously create, develop, consult and validate its programme.

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Here didactics engages
in plays and games.

Knowla develops children’s skills and competences in many areas. And all this in the form of engaging games. Here, speech therapy chases eurythmics around the classroom, programming plays ball with sensory trainings, concentration takes yoga lessons, and creativity moves jumping around. Are you ready? Fun says: get ready for classes!
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Primus in the class of multimedia devices

Primus in the class
of multimedia

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Make boredom skip class!

Are you a teacher or an educator? Do you run an educational institution, or are you a parent involved in education?

Please feel free to contact us. We will provide you with all the information, advise, and help you make the best choice. Just like you, we want to improve the quality of our children’s education!

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The jokes go according to the plan. Of the lessons.
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