The Educational Universe

Science is really out of this world!

Knowl’s Educational Universe is made up of 11 themed planets. Each planet is a separate suite of proprietary applications, focused on a specific area of development. Thanks to applications, children perform specific tasks while at the same time developing specific skills and acquiring new competences.

One of the planets, Fruu, is a starter planet. It is added free of charge to every Knowla Box and Knowla Wall device purchased. It is the most universal planet – diverse in terms of areas of development.

Each planet is different, but they have one thing in common – they are certified by great fun!

smart play, for preschools
speech therapy in speech disorders
mobility, relaxation
learning science by experience
fine motor skills
visual perception
special education needs
emotional development
mix of areas, starting planet

There is a method in this madness.

Certified for having a good time.