Rok, w kt贸rym pojawi艂a si臋 Knowla


The year in which Knowla appeared

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Rok, w kt贸rym pojawi艂a si臋 Knowla
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2023-12-20 11:31:53
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The year 2023 is slowly coming to an end already, and thoughts are increasingly beginning to drift back to past moments and the upcoming holidays. At our place, we also reflected on the achievements of our company in recent months, and to our surprise, quite a serious number of them have gathered. So we decided to share them with you, and maybe even brag a little.

And then Knowla was created

Our products and applications have been on the market for many years and have pleased users with their unique interactions. Nevertheless, as a company, we felt the need to clarify the direction in which we should go further. After a long search for its own identity, mission and purpose, Knowla was born with a new graphic visualization and operating strategy, which you can see in full since March this year.

A lot has changed. All our devices, social media, website, materials, videos, instructions…. have been given a new look and content. Our communication has become more substantive and educational, while allowing us to play with words creatively.

We have placed an even stronger emphasis on direct contact with experts and users. To this end, our Program Council was formed, and the group of friends and supporters of Knowl’s solutions with whom we are in contact is constantly growing. We have also launched our blog, which we hope will provide you with inspiration.

We’ve been focusing on edutainment since the launch, and there’s nothing left to do but play smart. You can find more about the company’s mission itself in the Idea section.

Travel near and far

With the new brand, we set off into the world. In recent months, together with Knowla Box and Educational Universe, we have traveled to various cities in Poland and abroad to introduce ourselves to you.

As part of the Polish events, you could see us at the My Bambino booths, among others. At the “EduTrends” or “Hello School!” conferences. But that’s definitely not all, as we arranged a small tour of European conferences.

We started the year with a performance at Bett London (UK), where we managed to win a place on the Polish National Stand organized for the first time at this conference. Then there were more:

  • Fiera Didacta Italia (Italy)
  • Roadshow pro 拧koly 2023 (Czech Republic)
  • K12 forumo (Lithuania)
  • Konferecnaj Stati Generali (Bergamo, Italy)

Outside of Europe, we also appeared at GESS Dubai (UAE).

We ended the year with another winning booth at WEB Summit (Portugal). There we were among 18 companies selected by PAIH to represent Poland at the event. We were also invited to a meeting at the Polish embassy in Portugal.

Our devices are also making longer and longer trips. Thanks to established partnerships, our devices are beginning to appear in more and more other countries. As of this year, they can be purchased in/on Italy, the UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and soon in Greece, Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and the UK.

Increasingly visible

We began to leave other traces of ourselves as well. We appeared in 6 magazines for education and entertainment. We could be found in newsletters, articles and even on the covers of these magazines.

We became part of the Digital Creative Cluster, through which an accelerator platform for teachers was created in cooperation with the National Center for Research and Development and the GovTech Center. We also became a member of the Professional Chamber of Business.

What makes us very happy is that we have become a partner of the EdTech Poland Foundation. One of the largest Polish organizations dealing with technologies for the development of education.

We support diverse communities

We didn’t just take. We began to support local institutions, centers and various initiatives.

Our collaborative equipment has been placed in the following facilities to contribute to the development of children:

  • Foundation to the Rescue of Children with Cancer,
  • III High School named after him. Juliusz S艂owacki in Leszno,
  • Private Kindergarten Academy of Nature with an integration branch in Pozna艅,
  • Public Kindergarten No. 42 Kwiaty Polskie in Pozna艅.

We also managed to conduct several workshops for different groups of children and adults including:

  • Programming workshop for Kindergarten No. 42 Polish Flowers,
  • Workshops for children and adults with various disabilities for wards of SILOE, WTZ Ognik centers,
  • Workshop at the Foundation to the Rescue of Children with Cancer.
Technology is moving forward

In addition to looking nice, we also worked on what is still the driving heart of our company, which is our equipment.

On the hardware side of things itself, not much has changed visually over the year, but we have been working hard in the shadows on further improvements. We want Knowla Box and Knowla Wall to become even more reliable and responsive to your reported needs. It is impossible not to single out here all those involved in the work of the service, the account manager, who, being in contact with you all the time, looked for solutions to your problems, and people from production who watched over the quality of the new equipment.

In all this technological rush, we are putting more and more emphasis on ecology, so we do not forget to use recyclable materials and properly segregate garbage.

What’s more, we can say that this year work has taken off on several R&D projects to further develop Knowla’s technology, the results of which you will see soon.

New Planets on the Horizon

It can be said that it was only this year that the Education Universe shone in our communications, even though the first Planets had already appeared two years earlier. It has also expanded to include three Planets:

The Last Planet had its quiet premiere in December and covers English language knowledge, you will hear more about it soon.

A Knowla Fun platform has also been created, aimed at customers interested in the more entertaining side of our devices, where we will find a common panel for selected activities from different Planets. We hope Knowla Fun will help you use the devices for non-stop, joyful play, with the sound of bouncing balls.

According to the comments and suggestions we have received about individual activities, things have also changed a bit in the applications from earlier Planets. We can mention, for example: the user manuals, which you will now find directly in each activity, or the updated emotions in the Emotion Thermometer and the Emotion Wheel(Planet Emo), where there are also new options for customizing the appearance.

What about the future?

Even more of what you see now 馃檪

We are still working on and expanding all the effects we have listed above. We are developing our technology. We are preparing for you new interactions with the device, other ways to use the device or apps, and perhaps more versions of them. New Planets and new activities will certainly be created. We will want to make more and more different contacts and be closer and closer to educational, therapeutic and rehabilitation life. There will also be more materials and surprises, so you can’t forget about us too soon.

However, we don’t want to announce too much about all our plans, so keep an eye on us. It’s bound to happen.


Urszula Skorodzi艂艂o
Urszula Skorodzi艂艂o
Member of the Knowla Program Board
Cognitive scientist fascinated by the workings of the brain and the senses. She is involved in the creation and analysis of psychometric tools. At Knowli, she co-creates, consults on applications, creates lesson plans and makes sure the material is adapted for young audiences.

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