Knowla na Halloween – Przekrój międzyplanetarny


Knowla for Halloween – Interplanetary cross section

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Knowla na Halloween – Przekrój międzyplanetarny
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2023-10-19 07:04:00
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Are you preparing a Halloween party and want to use the Knowlę Box? Or maybe you’re just planning to bring that spooky vibe to your daily activities. Below you’ll find a list of activities we’ve compiled that you can use for the occasion.

A little something from Planet Fruu

Even if you don’t have other Planets redeemed, you’ll find something for the occasion in the Knowla Box. For example, you can use the following:

  • Floor activities – Coloring books – There are pictures with monsters.
  • Floor activities – Stencils – There are stencils with boilers or ghosts.
  • Floor activities – Connect the dots – There is a picture of a shark there
  • Activities for the wall – Bad Squares
  • Activities for the wall – Project Planet
  • Activities for the wall – Lemurs
Go through the maze – Planet M

A dark maze illuminated by our friend the skylight. Will it be possible to find a way out? It’s already up to you! In the activity, press the marker or throw the ball to the place you want to move. In the settings you can adjust the 2D view, 3D view, brightness of the maze, brightness of the skylight, as well as rotate the board.

Where is the monster? – Planet EMO, Planet D¯, Planet SPE, Planet Contrast.

Halloween is a good time to look for monsters around us. In the activities listed, this is exactly what we are doing. At the beginning, a board appears with three monsters that represent different Planets. Remember them, because they are what you will be looking for in an activity. If you click the wrong one, the activity will end in failure. The higher levels also have a time limit.

Code with colors – Planet PI

In level two in activity one. We find a picture of a pumpkin coded under the numbers, which we can color according to the numbers according to the legend at the bottom.

Catch the monster – Planet Hopsa

You can also catch monsters in different worlds in Planet Hopsa. Throw the ball according to the clue in the upper right corner to complete this activity.

Face and tongue gymnastics – Planet D¯

Halloween is a great opportunity to make scary faces while exercising the speech center. As an activity, we mimic the monster, which shows different movements of the mouth or tongue.

Match the sound – Planet D¯

Not every sound is scary. Sometimes, however, they can frighten us from close quarters. Your task in this activity is to recognize the sound you hear and choose one of the items shown there.

Color by letter – Planet D¯

Color the picture according to the letter code on them and see what you came up with. Halloween pictures you will find in activities: 1, 3, 4, 6, 12.

Color and count, Draw and color, Number coloring book – Planet Hopsa

Animated coloring pages to use for the occasion can also be found at Planet Hopsa. Monsters, aliens, dragons, a secret laboratory, a dark cave and much more are here to explore. At first, draw the colors on the wheel, and then it remains to color. In the applications Color and Count and Number Coloring Book, pay attention to paint only the number of boxes indicated in a given color.

Draw with light – Planet Contrast

In activities 5 and 6 you will find a bat and eyes, which you should finish drawing with a luminous line.

Program the way – Planet SPE, Planet Contrast

Guide the alien to its destination so it can leave our planet alone. Use the arrows to set a path for him to drive on. Avoid other obstacles in the process.

Put together the puzzle – Planet SPE

Arrange the puzzle so that a monstrous picture comes out. In activities 2, 10-13 you will find monster puzzles.

Monstrous mazes – Planet SEN

In this maze, your task is to draw a line from the entrance to the exit of the maze with a marker. Find the right path. Avoid dead ends. Don’t let the monstrous scenery fool you.

Animals – Planet Hopsa

There are various puzzles within the activity that you can use. In the laboratory you will construct mysterious substances or discover the structure of the human body. In space, on the other hand, you will be surrounded by various aliens. As an activity, you can change the appearance of the image by clicking on the appropriate part of it.

Find the difference – Planet Hopsa

The different worlds of Planet Hops here again construct spooky scenes in space or laboratory. This time, however, your task is to find the differences between the two pictures. Each correctly found will be marked with a bird, and the incorrect one with an ix.

Mathematical scenarios – Planet Sigma

Two feature stories about a monster and a haunted mansion spiced up with math. To get through the whole thing, find clues like in an escaperoom and solve several different puzzles. The level of activities will be suitable for students in elementary grades 4-8.

Planet EMO

Halloween is a celebration of various fears, so it’s also worth talking about emotions. There is no better planet for this than Planet EMO. You will find many activities that take into account the emotion of fear, so we do not attribute any application in particular. Choose any activity and fit it into your schedule.

And have you found anything else worth recommending for the occasion?


Urszula Skorodziłło
Urszula Skorodziłło
Member of the Knowla Program Board
Cognitive scientist fascinated by the workings of the brain and the senses. She is involved in the creation and analysis of psychometric tools. At Knowli, she co-creates, consults on applications, creates lesson plans and makes sure the material is adapted for young audiences.

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