Knowla na Boże Narodzenie – Przekrój międzyplanetarny


Knowla for Christmas – Interplanetary cross section

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Knowla na Boże Narodzenie – Przekrój międzyplanetarny
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2023-11-30 12:58:55
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Christmas is under way. Are you preparing a party for children and want to use Knowla Box during it, but can’t find interesting and thematic activities to use? No problem. Below you will find a ready-made list.

Gifts – Planet Fruu Wall Apps

The most festive game on Knowla! Gifts poured out of Santa’s sleigh. Catch them all before they fall to the ground. Balls will work great here.

Gifts - Planet Fruu Wall Apps
Stars and Christmas trees in various activities

Hidden in many activities were symbols related to Christmas: stars and Christmas trees. Each activity differs in action, but you will find these symbols in all those listed.

  • Code with patterns – Planet PI (activity: 4 – star, 11 – Christmas tree)
    Reproduce the pattern symmetrically.
  • Connect the dots – Planet SEN (activity: 15 – star, 13 – Christmas tree)
    Connect the dots in the correct order or any way you like.
  • Draw shapes by tracing – Planet Contrast (activity: 21 – Christmas tree)

Pull the line according to the indicated direction.

  • Draw with light – Planet Contrast (activity: 2 – star)
    Pull the line according to the indicated direction.
  • Geometric puzzle – Planet Contrast (forest activity: 5 – Christmas tree)
    Arrange the blocks so that all of them fit into the given shape.
  • Color by letters – Planet D¯ (activity: 4 – star)
    There are several variants you can color with a marker, fill in whole boxes or fill in whole boxes, taking into account the legend.
Play the foam/play the drums – Planet SPE

Singing and playing Christmas carols are among the holiday traditions. Now you can also help yourself to musical instruments on Knowla Box.

Because the stencils are almost like Christmas garlands

In activities:

  • Draw slides – Planet M
  • Write by trace – Planet SEN
  • Symmetrical drawing – Planet Contrast
  • Draw with light for two hands – Planet Contrast

you’ll find all sorts of stencils that, with a little imagination, resemble garlands hung on a Christmas tree.

Take advantage of winter applications

Need more activities? At this point, there are only so many typically festive themes we could find. However, you can complement your party with activities with a winter theme, which are listed in the article Knowla for a winter party.

Did we miss an activity or holiday party? Be sure to let us know.


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