Czym jest ściana multimedialna Knowla Wall


What is the Knowla Wall multimedia wall?

Knowla Wall technology
Czym jest ściana multimedialna Knowla Wall
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2023-11-16 09:57:13
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This interactive and multimedia wall launched our company. Over the years, it has already appeared in hundreds of playrooms, schools and kindergartens, bringing joy to many children. The device is enriched with unique ultrasonic technology, which allows it to capture the sound of balls bouncing against the structure and respond with them to the animations that appear in games.

It’s where it all started…

It was established in 2014, and it was through this company that Knoocker was founded, which now forms the Knowla brand. The chief engineer of the solution was Dr. Krzysztof Krzywdzinski, who developed the idea of using ultrasound to catch the location of balls bouncing off the wall. All you had to do was throw the ball, and the corresponding sensors picked up and recalculated with a high degree of accuracy where it was hit.

Later, it all evolved into a stable and mobile multimedia wall structure, which we know today as Knowla Wall. After the development of the entire design, multiple tests and the preparation of original entertainment games, it went to customers, where it was met with great enthusiasm. It began to appear in many playrooms and schools, bringing smiles to the faces of children and adults.

In the past, one could encounter other names for this device – Knowla Wall as Magic Wall or Knoocker Classic, but as of now, this multimedia wall has already become a permanent part of the Knowla family.

How does the Knowla Wall multimedia wall work?

It is an interactive device equipped with an Epson projector and a computer. All the electronics were built into a stable structure created from laminated MDF panels, making the solution mobile and usable in different rooms without the need to disassemble and reassemble. The material we use is durable, so even after many years of use it will continue to perform well. All this together creates a cohesive design of the Knowla Wall multimedia wall, which is safe for use by children.

The device is equipped with a short-focus Epson EB-720 laser projector. It was placed at the top, so there are no shadows, glare or blind spots. Thanks to Epson’s innovative laser projector technology, the image will be visible even in bright rooms.

There are three ways to interact with the Knowla Wall:

  • via keyboard with touchpad
    Communication with the device is similar to any computer or laptop.
  • by drawing or clicking with a special interactive pen
    This allows you to perform precise actions directly in contact with the multimedia wall.
  • throwing balls against the structure

The media wall will pick up the location of the ball’s impact, so it will make the appropriate response on the screen. This is the main way our users choose to interact on their devices. It causes the most excitement among players and the most curiosity among adults. It also allows up to a dozen people to play at once.

There are prepared activities on the device, which are ready to use as soon as you start the device. It is also possible to enjoy all the conveniences of Windows and, thanks to the wireless WiFi connection, all the benefits of the Internet. The device has USB ports.

The structure has wheels that allow the structure to move freely around the room. It can also be folded or unfolded as needed.

How the multimedia Knowla Wall works
Unique ultrasonic technology

Both pen and ball interaction are only possible thanks to the unique ultrasonic technology developed by Knoocker. Only Knowla proposes just such a solution. Sensors mounted on the device pick up the location of the sound of the ball hitting or the sound made by the interactive pen, and then perform the appropriate interaction on the image projected by the projector.

Ultrasonic technology allows the game elements to respond almost in real time. Despite the speed of response we are able to get, we also do not lose out on its accuracy and precision of operation.

Playing on Knowla Wall is not difficult

The entire structure can be ordered in two ways: for self-assembly or with delivery with assembly carried out by a trained employee. Such a person will come at the appointed time and at the indicated place assemble and then test the multimedia wall. Once you decide on the first option, instructions will be included, where you will find a step-by-step description of how to carry out the installation. You can also always contact us in case of problems .

Once assembled, connect the device to electricity. After that, all you have to do is press the start button on the projector and after a while the device will be ready to play. It features original activities prepared by us that will introduce you to the world of smart entertainment.

The multimedia Knowla Wall allows one person or entire groups consisting of several to a dozen people to play. It all depends on the people who want to join in the fun.

All you have to do is grab the ball and throw it at Knowla Wall!

Curious? Curious?

Check out the details of our offer at Knowla Wall.

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