Special educational needs – what they are and how to implement them

Specjalne potrzeby edukacyjne – czym są i jak je realizować

We speak of special educational needs both when a student has difficulties in mastering a particular material and when he is gifted in a particular area. Such children require an individual approach. What are special educational needs? When we talk about special educational needs, we direct our thoughts toward children with certifications, disorders, or overt […]

What is the Planet Smart package?

Czym jest pakiet Planeta Smart

What sets Planet Smart apart from other planets in the Educational Universe is its focus on experiential and fun-filled transfer of knowledge in the natural and technical fields. The experimental package includes activities that allow full cooperation in problem solving, presenting young explorers with new knowledge or abilities. Due to the vastness of the topic […]

What is the Knowla Wall multimedia wall?

Czym jest ściana multimedialna Knowla Wall

This interactive and multimedia wall launched our company. Over the years, it has already appeared in hundreds of playrooms, schools and kindergartens, bringing joy to many children. The device is enriched with unique ultrasonic technology, which allows it to capture the sound of balls bouncing against the structure and respond with them to the animations […]

Edutainment – what is it?

Edutainment − co to

Translating simply from English edutainment is a combination of education and entertainment. This is a situation in which a person simultaneously entertains and learns (learning entertains). In the Polish language, we still have not lived to see our own unified concept. Sometimes you can see such substitutes as smart entertainment, eduroentertainment, entertainment education. The main […]