Czym jest pakiet Planeta Smart


What is the Planet Smart package?

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Czym jest pakiet Planeta Smart
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2024-03-06 10:53:40
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What sets Planet Smart apart from other planets in the Educational Universe is its focus on experiential and fun-filled transfer of knowledge in the natural and technical fields. The experimental package includes activities that allow full cooperation in problem solving, presenting young explorers with new knowledge or abilities.

Due to the vastness of the topic of science, technology and experiments, we did not fit everything here, and only focused on a few interesting examples. They are united by the term “space”: cosmic, physical and sonic.

This planet is cosmic

The Planet Smart package includes many applications related to Space and Solar System exploration. We are talking about applications here:

  • Planetarium
  • Orbits
  • Planets from the inside
  • The sizes of the planets
  • Take a rocket into space

The last of these, Rocket into Space, is an entertainment app in which we collect star fuel and dodge flying meteoroids in space. It can be a group effort, where working together using balls, we try to save the crew of the rocket.

Other applications allow us to experiment and explore the solar system. Within the Planetarium and Planetary Sizes applications, we can look at the planets, the Sun and the Moon from all sides. The activities given differ primarily in their backgrounds. In Planetarium we look at the planet as a unit, while in Planetary Magnitude we can observe its size, illumination and behavior relative to other planets in the system as well.

The application Planets from the Inside allows you to explore the interior of selected planets. Not all planets are available because we don’t have all the astrological data.

Once we had experimented with the Solar System, it was time to test our knowledge. In the Orbits application, not only free exploration is possible, but also a certain problem to be solved. Our task is to move the planets to their respective orbits in space.

Light – what will it allow you to see?

It’s time to practice spatial orientation. In Go Through the Maze , we have to calculate the shortest path between two points. We can’t afford to wander aimlessly for too long. It is useful to enlist the help of colleagues and practice cooperation or communication skills in the process. Wandering through the maze doesn’t have to be lonely.

How to create technical projections?

The answer will be found in the following two applications. In these 3D Jigsaw activities, we mark the “shadow” of a given solid in all planes, which can be an introduction to marking their technical projections. In the second 3D Structures application, we do the reverse. From the marked projection we have to reconstruct the solid. It is also worth experimenting here and looking at the figure from every possible angle.

Music can be smart too

The last application is Create Music. The activity allows for full creative expression and creative expression in arranging one’s own melody. However, music is not only art, but also physics and mathematics. We can learn rhythm or sequence with it. Moreover, it also allows for the development of communication. Nothing brings people together like shared passion and fun.

What is Planet Smart developing?

Among others:

  • Knowledge of the Cosmos
  • Orientation and spatial thinking
  • Making hypotheses, predicting results and verifying them
  • Observation
  • Drawing conclusions
  • Communication skills
  • Ability to cooperate
  • Troubleshooting
  • Innovation
  • Creativity

Are you interested in the Planet Smart package? Learn more details by visiting the Planet Smart website.


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