Scenariusz lekcji Droga do szkoły


Lesson scenario “The way to school”

Planet Contrast Planet Hello Planet SPE spatial thinking
Scenariusz lekcji Droga do szkoły
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2024-04-23 20:23:12
Table of contents

Grades: early childhood 1-3

Topic: the road to school

Overall Objective:

The student knows how to navigate his way from home to school.

Operational Objectives:

The student knows his way from home to school.

The student knows the basic rules for moving outdoors.

The student knows the basic directions and how to use them.

The student can tell what his route from home to school looks like or what characteristic places he passes.

Points of the core curriculum:

Teaching content – specific requirements: II.1. IV.2.5,9,10,11. IV.3.1,3. VII.1,2,4.

Working time: 1 lesson hour

Methods and forms of work:

discussion, enactment, play, puzzles, artwork

Knowl’s Educational Universe:

  • Code the way – Planet SPE or Planet Contrast
  • Want go – Planet Hello (and future basic language variants)

Course of action:

  1. A question is asked, and students raise their hand in turn if the answer is “yes.”
    1. How do students come to and from school? On foot? By car? By bus? By bicycle? A scooter?
    2. Do they come alone, with their parents or colleagues?
    3. Do they know their way from home to school?
  2. We discuss the rules that children should know when returning home
    1. Crossing the road and traffic lights.
      1. Divide the class into 4 groups and arrange them in the form of a cross facing each other. Two groups facing each other pretend to be cars, while the other two pretend to be pedestrians.
        1. In the variant with lights, the teacher tells what light the pedestrians have and what light the cars have, and then only the relevant groups cross to the other side and face the rest again.
        2. In the variant without lights, pedestrians look around to see if there are cars and decide whether they can cross to the other side. Children pretending to be cars stand a little farther away and decide whether to pass or not, but they must stop before the lanes.
    2. We determine what is allowed and what is not allowed, such as talking to strangers, going out of your way without your parents’ knowledge, etc.
  3. Activity Encode the Way (Planet SPE)
    1. The children work out together how to position the pieces of the road so that the car can reach the red house. They use words for directions, e.g. right, left. They mark the path of the car with arrows in their notebooks. One person first shows with his finger what distance a car can travel. Then each successive person can set only one piece of the road. If you notice together that you have made a mistake, the next person can remove up to two pieces of the road.
    2. Together, we describe the car’s path using directions and what it passes along the way.
  4. Activity Want go (Planet Hello)
    1. As part of this activity, the monster wants to get into one of the city’s landmark buildings. We use world directions in the activity.
    2. As in the previous activity, we can describe the city or the next steps the monster must take.
  5. Students draw their route from school to home or a portion of it. They can also draw some characteristic place they pass.


Urszula Skorodziłło
Urszula Skorodziłło
Member of the Knowla Program Board
Cognitive scientist fascinated by the workings of the brain and the senses. She is involved in the creation and analysis of psychometric tools. At Knowli, she co-creates, consults on applications, creates lesson plans and makes sure the material is adapted for young audiences.

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