Knowla na Zimowe Przyjęcie – Przekrój międzyplanetarny


Knowla for the Winter Party – Interplanetary cross section

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Knowla na Zimowe Przyjęcie – Przekrój międzyplanetarny
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2023-11-30 12:46:36
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Cold air, snow, ice and fun are what the winter atmosphere brings us. In a warm corner of the room, you can warm up by playing Knowl’s educational activities. Looking for something with a winter theme, you’ve come to the right place.

Snowman – Planet Fruu – Wall Activities

Protect the snowman from falling blocks of ice. Don’t let anything happen to him. Balls will work great here.

Snowman - Planet Fruu - Wall Activities
Redraw – Planet Fruu – Floor Activities

Here you will find a penguin waiting to be redrawn in the boxes next to it. You can use different colors.

Winter in coloring books

In activities:

  • Color the numbers – Planet M – activity 3
  • Color by numbers – Planet D¯ – activity 17

There are several variants – you can color with a marker or fill in the entire fields, taking into account the legend. In both of these coloring books you will find visible snowflakes.

Put together the puzzle – Planet M

In activities:

  • Put together puzzle 1 – Planet M – activities: 2 (bear), 7 (penguin), 14 (reindeer)
  • Puzzle 2 – Planet M – activities: 2 (bear), 7 (snow creature),
  • Puzzle 3 – Planet M – activities: 10-12, 17-19 (snowy, fairy-tale landscapes)

you will find puzzles with winter themes. All you have to do is look at the picture, and then when you click play, arrange the correct pieces in their place.

Sudoku – Planet M

In the easy and intermediate levels you will find sudoku using different symbols and shapes. One of the sets to be arranged is in a winter theme. Arrange the symbols so that there are different symbols in each horizontal line, vertical line and smaller squares.

Draw in shape by tracing – Planet Contrast

In activity 18 there is half a snowman, which you must reflect symmetrically and complete the drawing.

Show off your own Winter Party inspirations!


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