Knowla Box sprawdzi się do pracy w grupie


Knowla Box will work well for group work

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Knowla Box sprawdzi się do pracy w grupie
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2024-04-17 19:18:10
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Knowla Box is not only individual fun. These are also activities in which the whole class can participate! Check out our suggestions – get inspired and conduct interesting, interactive group activities.

Available accessories

What tools are available? Interaction with the screen is done with thrown balls and interactive pens.

The interactive pen is an infrared-operated digital pen with interchangeable tips. This tool allows direct interaction with the image projected by the projector – the child can draw, write, or mark important elements directly on the image.

Another item is 40 plastic balls. They come complete with a basket for storing them. Thanks to ultrasonic sensors placed in the device, every movement of the ball is accurately recorded. The balls meet European safety standards and have the appropriate certificates, which guarantees safe use even by the youngest participants of the activities.

Joint training

Activities marked with yellow people indicate exercises that the whole class can do. These include, for example, yoga, fitness training and relaxation exercises on Planet Ziuuu, the “Emotions Have Relaxation” activity on Planet EMO, and the “Exercise Breathing,” “Face and Tongue Gymnastics” activities on Planet D¯.

The Planetary Assistant shows the next exercises and the children imitate him. The whole group can engage in joint physical activity, training with the app’s creature.

One at a time for the pen

Line up the students in a row or, if the activity has a two-person mode, in twos. Everyone has their own time to play and perform the task presented. Quite a few apps have at least a dozen different activities or the subsequent boards are completely random, ensuring that everyone will get their own set of tasks. The activities also feature a “refresh” button so that students can restart a game on their own.

Application examples:

  • Everyone practices a given activity, using the same example, for example: writing a specific letter (Application: Write letters, Planet M).
  • Everyone practices the same activity, but is given a different example, for example: solves a different number of activities in Space Odyssey(Planet PI).
  • Students create one piece of artwork together, e.g.: everyone adds something to the class artwork (Free Drawing, Planet Fruu).
For two people

Some of the activities have a two-person mode or are designed to perform a task together with another person. In two-person mode, children can work independently of what the person on the other side of the screen is doing.

You can find them among others. On Planet PI, Planet Sigma or Planet Hello.

One person sets an example

A designated or willing person can come up to this wall-displayed board and show the others how to act. In another variant, let’s turn on the given activity on the board and the one who first reports with the correct solution can come up and set the items accordingly.

Groups compete against each other

If you don’t have enough space, you can divide the group into teams and organize a competition between them. Both markers and balls can be used. We count in a table, for example: points, the number of correct answers in a certain time and determine the winners.

When one group throws balls at the targets displayed in the picture, the others can help them collect the balls in the basket.

Hot tables

Prepare stations with different tasks. Working on Knowla Box will be just one of them. Divide the class into groups. Each of them takes a few minutes to tackle a task at one of the stations, then moves on to the next. The activity is repeated until each team has completed all the tasks.

Class tournament

Two people face each other to advance to the next stage and so to the final. Together, prepare a tournament table in which you will record the results of the participants, as well as the rules of the tournament, clearly defining the rules of the game and the evaluation criteria. Together with your students, choose a judging committee – it can be the teacher himself or students who prefer to act as a judge rather than take part in the competition. Suggest possible prizes and awards.

Multimedia entertainment center

Knowla Box is a comprehensive device equipped with a computer and projector. You can also use all Windows resources on it. Do you fancy a fairy tale? Do you need equipment to play the presentation? Do you want to look for something on the Internet? All of this is possible on the Knowla Box, as the device allows you to browse the Internet, show content and project videos.


Urszula Skorodziłło
Urszula Skorodziłło
Member of the Knowla Program Board
Cognitive scientist fascinated by the workings of the brain and the senses. She is involved in the creation and analysis of psychometric tools. At Knowli, she co-creates, consults on applications, creates lesson plans and makes sure the material is adapted for young audiences.

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