Jak zacząć przygodę z Knowla Box


How to start the adventure with Knowla Box?

Educational Universe Knowla Box tutorial
Jak zacząć przygodę z Knowla Box
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2023-11-08 13:59:28
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Below you will find a quick and basic guide on how to get started with Knowla Box, Education Universe or individual activities.

Prepare the device for commissioning

Remove the device and all kit components from the packaging. Connect the power cord to the device and to an outlet. The device itself can stand in two positions. Projecting the image onto the wall: the long side with the projector lamp should be on top, and the wheels should be at the bottom close to the wall. If you want to project an image onto the floor: the short side with wheels should stand on the floor, and on the side of the long side with the projector lamp will project the image.

The surface on which the image will be displayed should be: bright, smooth and hard. Ideally, the activity space should be free of unnecessary objects.

To interact with the device, you can use the interactive pens, balls or touchpad keyboard included in the kit. The device picks up the movement of an interactive pen across the image and the sound of a ball being struck against the projected image. The touchpad keyboard works the same as in standard computers.

Start the device

To start the device, press the button on the side of the device.

When the button is pressed twice, the device will turn off (do not turn off the device from Windows).

After a while, the Knowla software will start running on the screen. Choose the language you will speak. Connect your device to a wireless Internet network so it can update to the latest version. Select the network and enter the password using the keyboard.

To start, you get a free Planet Fruu (Planet is called a package of activities in our universe), which you can start using already. All you have to do is hover over it, for example, with an interactive pen, and click the open button on its tab. Two applications are located there. When you click on any of them, more activities will start.

If you have license codes for the other Planets, activate them

You can receive the license codes you purchased by email, or they are on a printed cardboard box. The emailed code should appear in the email you provided (check your SPAM folder). You will receive boxes with physically shipped codes in the shipment with the device or in a separate courier shipment. The license code consists of a sequence of letters and numbers that must be entered in the Knowla application. The name of the Planet to which the code applies and instructions for entering it will be included on the cardboard box or in the email. You activate each Planet separately. One code activates one Planet and once validated on the device it becomes invalid. If you order a device with Planets, the Planets of your choice must be activated yourself with the codes you send. They will not be pre-installed on the device by us. The planets can be activated at any time from the purchase of the device. You can also purchase more Planets to enjoy on your device at any time. We are not stopping to expand our range of activities and digital experiences, so the Planet pool will continue to grow.

If you want to activate Planet, in the main view of the Knowla application, click on the sprocket on the right side of the screen, and then in the menu at the top click Activate License. Use the keyboard to rewrite the license code into the box that appears on the screen and confirm when you are done. If everything took place correctly, the Planet will unlock. In the meantime, updated versions of the activity will start downloading. You can track the progress of the update by clicking on the bar that should appear at the top of the screen in the main view of the Knowla application. It is important to ensure a stable Internet connection at this point, otherwise the activities will not download. After a few minutes, it will be possible to enter the Planet in question and view activities.

The planets can be purchased by contacting us directly, through our store or through My Bambino. Descriptions of all the planets can be found in the Applications section.

Play with activities

Once you click on the selected (activated) Planet and then on the selected activity, you will already be able to play and learn with it.

Each activity has a sidebar, which you slide out by clicking on the right or left side of the screen. There are buttons for controlling activity options.

Activities work on the wall and the floor. Note the icons in the upper right corner of the activity in the menu. They indicate whether the activity was prepared to use interactive pens, balls or body movement. However, most of the activity can be handled by any means of interaction. Only in some cases it will be preferable and more intuitive to use one way, for example. Draw stencils in Planet M will only be interactive markers.

If you don’t know how an activity works, use the user manual. You will find interactive tutorials of a particular activity when you start it under the yellow button in the side panel of the menu. Links to descriptive planetary instructions in pdf form can be found in item 6 or also directly on our blog. (link to tutorials)

Remember that at least once in a while the device should access the Internet. You are then assured that the activities are in the latest version. We are constantly working on how best to tailor activities to the needs of our users. Therefore, over time, there may be more options or improvements available after the update. The activities themselves, once downloaded and updated, do not need an Internet connection to function.

Don’t be afraid to play or experiment. Our play suggestions and lesson plans will continue to appear on our blog.

You can use Windows

In addition to our proprietary activities, you also have all the capabilities of Windows at your disposal. On the main screen of the Knowla application, you will see a Windows icon in the sidebar. Click on it, and the entire Knowla application will minimize on the taskbar. You can return to it at any time, and in the meantime you can use other resources.

What if I have a problem?

First, take a look at our manuals or other materials posted in the tutorials section of our blog. There we explain everything thoroughly and precisely. You can also use:

  • From the activity manual available when the activity is turned on (yellow icon)
  • From the Knowla Box instructions included in the kit.

If you don’t find the answer there, don’t be afraid to contact us by phone or email. We will do our best to answer any question, dispel doubts or find a solution to the problem you have encountered.


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