Program „Aktywna Tablica 2024” – trwa nabór wniosków


“Active Blackboard 2024” program – call for applications is underway

Active Blackboard Educational Universe Knowla Box SPE special education needs
Program „Aktywna Tablica 2024” – trwa nabór wniosków
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2024-03-21 11:48:25
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Until May 15, schools can submit applications under the government’s Active Blackboard program. Support will be granted for the purchase of equipment and teaching aids to develop school infrastructure and the competence of students and teachers in information and communication technologies (ICT).

The funding can be used to buy Knowla Box, Knowla Wall and Educational Universe packages. Find out what requirements you need to meet, the amount of support involved and what else you can use the program funds for.

Who can apply for funding under the Active Blackboard program?
  • Elementary schools that did not receive financial support in the previous 2017-2019 edition of the program;
  • secondary schools;
  • Schools that educate blind students;
  • Schools that educate students with special educational needs, including disabilities,
  • special education centers;

Important! The program can be used only once between 2020 and 2024.

What is the amount of funding?

The amount of funding depends on the type of facility making the application.

  • Up to 14,000. PLN each primary and secondary school or school abroad.
  • Up to 35,000. PLN each elementary school educating students with special educational needs, including disabilities, and each elementary school educating blind students.
  • Up to 100,000. PLN each special education center for the purchase of a specialized printer.
20% must be own contribution

The program is financed 80% from the state budget and 20% from the own contribution of the school’s governing bodies.

Own contribution is considered to be:

  • financial contribution, which was allocated by the facility for the purchase of equipment, teaching aids and therapy tools indicated in the application;
  • in-kind contribution in the form of computer equipment and other ICT devices used as teaching aids, purchased in the year of application, but no later than the date of application for participation in the program.

It is possible to combine the value of financial contributions and in-kind contributions.

What can Active Blackboard funds be used for?

The Active Blackboard program is designed to equip schools with modern technology and programs that will support students’ teaching and acquisition of new competencies, including those in ICT.

The equipment and teaching aids that can be purchased with the help of the government program may vary due to the educational institution that makes such an application.

For primary and secondary schools, these are:

  • Laptop with equipment for processing the image and voice provided by the student or teacher in real time via audio-visual transmission.
  • A set for the teacher to conduct classes using methods and techniques of distance education, which includes: a laptop computer, an additional webcam, an additional set of headphones, an additional microphone, a tripod, a graphics tablet or a tablet of another type used in particular to draw graphic elements on the computer, or monitor.
  • Interactive whiteboard with ultra-short-throw projector.
  • An interactive whiteboard without an ultra-short-throw projector.
  • Projector.
  • Ultra-short-throw projector.
  • Speakers or other devices that allow the transmission of sound.
  • Interactive touchscreen monitor with a screen diagonal of at least 55 inches.
  • Specialized software or educational materials using ICT, such as virtual labs, materials for teaching coding and robotics.

Important! Once the application is sent, it is no longer possible to change the type of equipment, teaching aids or therapy tools. The amount of purchase of individual devices from the grant and financial contribution may change, as at the application stage it is only a cost calculation.

Knowla in Active Blackboard

Funding for the Active Whiteboard program includes Knowla Box, Knowla Wall and Educational Universe packages.

Knowla Box → Interactive whiteboard with ultra-short-throw projector

Knowla Wall → Interactive whiteboard with ultra-short-throw projector

Educational Universe Packages → Specialized software or educational materials, using ICT, such as: virtual labs, materials for teaching coding and robotics

Why should you bet on Knowla at Active Blackboard?

Knowla Box and Knowla Wall are state-of-the-art multimedia solutions. They exceed the standard use of projection images by using a short-focus projector from Epson. They allow interaction with special pens and balls, introducing movement and fun while gaining knowledge. Everything is safe and easy to use.

Knowla Wall is a stable and mobile multimedia structure. It was made of durable materials, which makes it resistant to any unpredictable behavior of children. It works well in halls where there is not enough space to display the image on the walls.

Knowla Box is a mobile media center. It allows you to display the image on any floor and wall. Great for situations where the device is frequently moved between rooms. It is also a great option for places that expect a variety of uses for the multimedia device.

Educational Universe currently consists of 12 thematic planets that train a variety of skills for students – from fine motor skills, math skills and programming, to emotions and social skills. All provide hundreds of hours of smart entertainment. Each planet, or each themed package, can be purchased separately or as a set. Read about all the packages in the Applications section.

Important! If you wish to purchase Knowla devices for an educational institution under the Active Whiteboard program, consult our distributor My Bambino.

Until when is there time to submit an application?
  • until May 15 – schools,
  • By May 30 – the leading authorities to the governors.

Applications will be qualified by June 30, while funds for the purchase of teaching aids should be transferred by August 31.

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