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2024-05-22 10:00:53
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Children need activities that allow them to play freely and relax actively. Take a break from learning for a moment. Enjoy life. Discharge energy and emotions. That’s why the first FUN Package was created, filled with fun games!

Another new feature is the way games designed for entertainment are displayed. It was prepared to meet the challenges that arise, among others. In playrooms.

Two modes for displaying Knowla applications

The Knowla app on Knowla Wall and Knowla Box devices can function in two modes.

  1. Knowla EDU with all packages including Educational Universe planets

It contains various types of thematic packages (planets) educational and therapeutic. All activities are grouped, and each package addresses the needs of a specific area, e.g.: fine motor skills, special educational needs.

Two modes for displaying Knowla applications
  1. Knowla FUN with FUN packages

The view has been simplified so that even the youngest users are able to move freely within the games. Applications are not categorized into individual packages, and all games available on Knowla FUN will appear in one common list.

What specifically is changing at Knowla FUN?

Knowla FUN was created for entertainment purposes and targets various industries.

The mode for entertainment purposes is mainly characterized by the ability to control the entire Knowla FUN world with balls.

Changing the mode from Knowla EDU to Knowla FUN is available in the Knowla app by pressing the “K” logo on the side panel. You will be taken to the mode selection screen. Clicking the appropriate button will take you to Knowla FUN or back to Knowla EDU.

Any control buttons – concerning, among other things. exiting the application, going to settings, turning off sounds or switching to Knowla EDU – are only accessible by swiping the side panel with an interactive pen.

The game selection view has been simplified. All applications are located in one place. Additionally, paid packages will appear at the end of the list. Unpurchased packages are visible, but are marked with a padlock symbol. When you purchase a package, we provide you with a license code that activates access to the package.

Knowla FUN contains the most interesting games and activities. You won’t find all the applications from Knowla EDU here. There are currently 25 games that are free on any Knowla device. It is also possible to buy the first FUN Package, which will unlock 14 new games.

The selection of applications in Knowla FUN mode was dictated primarily by the needs for fun ball play on Knowla Box and Knowla Wall devices. We adjusted the mechanics and graphics of the games for the balls.

What specifically is changing in Knowla FUN
What games can I find on Knowla FUN?

The basic and free Knowla FUN package includes 25 games, which can also be found in Planet Fruu. Selected here are only those that are sure to work well when playing with balls and that do not require any interference with the pen.

  1. Bubble ABCs
  2. Deliver the pizza
  3. Classic Snake
  4. Circle and cross
  5. Bowling
  6. Sea shapes
  7. Flying away balloons
  8. Reproduce the pattern
  9. Piñata
  10. Soccer
  11. Growing squares
  12. Darts
  13. Falling gifts
  14. Neighbors of the lemurs
  15. Sleeping rectangles
  16. Score a goal
  17. Obstacle course
  18. Train your reflexes
  19. Runaway eggs
  20. Save the snowman
  21. Save the planet
  22. Arrange the picture
  23. Fill with color
  24. Find the figures
  25. Catch Fruudo
The new Knowla FUN package!

In the first paid FUN Package, we have prepared new games that are sure to delight children. Here we can find something interesting for both three-year-olds and early teenagers. Once the package is purchased, it can also be used in Knowla EDU mode (a separate tile listed behind the planets of the Education Universe).

  1. Bombastic defense
  2. Space adventure
  3. Counting machines
  4. Draw and color
  5. Catch emoticons
  6. Magic Jellyfish 1 and 2
  7. To the rescue
  8. Defending the fort
  9. Foam thieves
  10. Duel
  11. Monster rocket
  12. Jump
  13. Animals
  14. Grab to go

More on the details of the FUN Package coming soon.

How to buy a Knowla device from Knowla FUN?

Each Knowla device with our app has both display modes (Knowla EDU and Knowla FUN). Just decide which one – Knowla Wall or Knowla Box – suits your needs better.

Consult with our representative and ask about the Knowla FUN package.

I own a Knowla device with Knowla EDU, but I want to have Knowla FUN

Each Knowla device with our app has both display modes: Knowla EDU and Knowla FUN.

Knowla Edu and Knowla FUN modes can be changed by pressing the knowl “K” on the side panel. If you do not see such a button on your device, update the Knowla app to the latest version.

Once purchased and FUN packages are activated, they will be available in both modes.

I own a Knowla device with Knowla EDU, but I want to have Knowla FUN
I have Knoocker devices without the Knowla app, but I want to have Knowla FUN

It is possible to install the Knowla app on older Knoocker devices.

Knowla FUN includes an upgraded version of the old Knoocker games and some new free activities under Knowla EDU. Such a solution also opens the way to more planets of the Education Universe.

This may require updating not only the software, but also the hardware parts. Contact our representative to discuss the details.

Contact sales representative:


phone: +48 603 444 484


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